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The Troublemakers zpaiy create an evil version of Bot to defeat Team Umizoomi. But when both Bots appear, Milli, Geo and Jade must work which one is acually Bot.

Intro: Trouble at the PlaygroupEdit

  • (The Troublemakers zapiyour in their lab with bits of metal)

Geo: Today we are going to the playgroup. Milli: But- Geo: Whatever Bot: HOW ARE YOU TWO XD Geo: bit we are going to the playgroup Milli: tAKE ME Geo: Come on Milli Milli: wait geo it is nighttime we are going to do how about we all go to school at night Geo: maybe i will find out tommorow💤 the next day stupid Geo: 😳 WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPEN Milli: Let's GOO!!! Geo: AGGH TROUBLE Milli: wat did you say geo Geo: Toublemaker zapiy Troublemakers zapiy Hahahahaha Big Trouble: We love trouble. ❤️ Geo and Milli: NAAAA

Follow that Scholar!Edit

  • (Milli is in her room making her bed when she excitedly sees the screen)
  • Milli (voiced by Madeleine Rose Yen): *Gasps excitedly* HI!!!! THERE!!!!! It's me! F****!! And i'm taking geo to the playgroup!!! Geo: NO WAY at the playgroup milli: got super pattern power! (reveals a pattern of butterflies on her dress) Look. I made abutterflies on my dress. Do you like it? Really? Me too! (her dress changes to regular) Guess what? I've just finished making my bed to make it nice and clean. Have you ever made your bed? Oh, good. Now, I'm sorting out my books. Walks to the CDs and puts them on the shelf) Basketball..... Short stem and.... *Gasps* Oh my goodness! One of my CDs is missing! I wonder where it is? I better go find it! (Goes downstairs into the kitchen where Jade is cutting a pizza) Jade (voiced by Teresa Gallagher): Oh, hello,'m just cutting up a pizza I ordered. Milli: Jade, have you seen my CD anywhere? I can't... Jade! What do you think you're doing? Jade: I'm cutting up a pizza, so I'm using the pizza cutter. (The "pizza cutter" is the missing Book)/OUCH THAT HURTS help Milli: Jade, that's not a pizza cutter. Jade: It's not? Milli: No, that's my missing CD. Jade: What? Oh! Right. (Sees the real pizza cutter on the counter) Oh, look. Here's the pizza cutter. I got it out ready for when the pizza arrived. (laughs happily but stops) OK, here's a cloth. Milli: Honestly, you gotta be careful with these things. (Cleans the disc with a washcloth) Look, Geo, Bot and I are going to the park, are you coming with us? Geo: Anyways, time for snack Jade: No, I'm not missing my favourite TV show. It's in 5 minutes. I'll see you later. (After the children ate their lunch Teacher: 🎵 SCHOLARS!!!!!!! 🎵 Scholars: 🎵 YES!!!!!!!!! 🎵 Teacher: it is time for a hanghere everybody sit down and go hell back from 1237456.20000 grade to preschool kindergarten (p.k) Scholars: tHOOOOOLLLAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGIIIIINNNNSSSSS (falls)

Enjoying Geo's explogueEdit

  • (Outside The Troublemakers' Lair) zapiy evil lair
  • Evil Bot: Must destroy Team Umizoomi (x3). Little Trouble: Good luck our beuaty ask em or you will be b b locked Evil Bot: (Walks to the park and sees Milli, Geo and Bot having a picnic) Ah, ha. Found them. Destroy Team Umizoomi (x2) Shut up and hi Teacher: yOU DON'T SAY THAT NOW GET OUTTA HERE Bot (voiced by Donavan Patton): That was delicious. I'm gonna go walk around. See you guys in a bit. Milli and Geo: OK. See ya. AT PK Ittor: Preschool Kindergarten HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bot: *Whistles* (sees the clone) we are..... HERE!!!!! Everybody: 🎵 PRESCHOOL! XD PRESCHOOL! 🎵 Milli: not fair once it is stupid Bot: What is it? And hang on, did a baby say a bad word? Evil Bot: It might be milli. Bot: Oh, I like fruit punch. Drinks it) Mmm, not bad. *Yawns* I feel rather sleepy. (Falls asleep) *Snores* Everyone: Success Academy Bronx 2. Milli: THIS belongs to.... (Once they check it out) Everyone: .....THE BRONX!!!!

Heldback to Preschool and PoppieschoolEdit

  • Jade: Mmm. (licks her lips) That pizza was delicious. I wish I could add doughnuts to it. (Hears crying in the distance) Huh? What's that sound? It sounds like someone crying. It must be Milli and Geo crying. Where are they? (A bird flies off to reveal them hugging and crying) Yes, there they are. What could be wrong on such a beautiful day Guys, what's the matter? Geo (voiced by Juan Mirt): Bot hasn't come back from his walk. (tears pour from his eyes) Milli: I don't think we will ever see him again. (tears pour from her eyes) Geo and Milli: (Both cry and hug each other and Jade hugs them too) Jade: Aww, guys. It's alright. I'll tell you what, let's go and find him. Geo: Yeah! Milli: But we need you're help. Will you help us find Bot? You will? Umirific! Come on. (The three run to try and find Bot) Jade: *Sings* What's gonna find our best friend Bot? All: *Sing* We are - Team Umizoomi! Geo: *Sings* Who's gonna find our best friend Bot? All: *Sing* We are - Team Umizoomi! We're on a mission to save the day. Here we come, we're on our way. Jade: We're gonna find our best friend Bot! Milli and Geo: Yeah! Team Umizoomi! (Evil Bot comes round the corner and the team are delighted) Evil Bot (sing-song): Guys, it's me, Bot. Jade: Oh my. Milli: That was quick. Geo: We found him! (Milli, Geo and Jade hug Evil Bot thinking he's Bot) Evil Bot: Yes I am Bot. (hugs them) Teacher: What shall we do now? Geo: Well we still have bits of the picnic left. Do you wanna join us? Evil Bot: OK. (laughs) Jade: I'll come too. I was getting bored inside anyway. Teacher: wAT Bot: I am prepared to derive (blasts) Milli, Geo and Teacher: BOT!!!! COME BACK HERE! Bot: Fairwell, scholars Teacher: tHAT IS REALLY DUPER IT YOUR'RE HELD BACK TO PRESCHOOL AND NO BABIES AND PRE KINDGERATEN TO YOU!!!!!1! AND YOU WILL WATCH POPPIE'S NICK JR YO!!! GABBA!!! GABBA!!! Geo: OH NO!!!!! Ittor: sometimes Bot: But I will start calling you jerk (flies away) Milli: Bot gets held back to anywhere or something Teacher: Not to worry milli Bot:...... Teacher: HOW DARE YOU THAT IS IT YOU'RE HELD BACK TO POPPIESCHOOL NOW GO THERE AND DO NOT TO BAD THINGS I TELL YOU TO DO WHATEVER I SAY WHAT YOU DO WHEN IT IS TIME I MEAN IT BOT UNDERSTAND ME I MEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAANNN IT Bot: Fine then I will go tell my mom two held backs in one day

Poppieschool TroublemakersEdit

  • (The real Bot wakes up from his nap)
  • Bot: *Yawns* What happened? Oh, well. (The Troublemakers zapiy walk from a tree to another) Back to the picnic spot. (Looks at the screen) What's that? You see the Troublemakers zapiy? Where are they? (They appear from behind the tree) There they are! I'm coming after you! Little Trouble: Er, run away? The Troublemaker zapiys: Run away! (They run away into the distance with Bot following close behind) Bot: Get back here! Big Trouble: No way! To the Trouble Truck Trouble Truck: (Honks his horn to call the Troublemakers) zapiy The Troublemakers zapiyget inside the Trouble Truck and drive off Little Trouble: So long shrimp (The Troublemakers zapiyboth cackle as they drive off) Bot: Great. I must warn the rest of the team. (Runs off to find the rest of the team)

Both Bots AppearEdit

  • (The rest of the team and Evil Bot are playing football) Evil Bot: (Kicks the ball into his and Jade's goal and into the distance) Goal! Jade: Whoo! Nice one Bot! Hi-five! (She and Evil Bot hi five) But where's the ball? Evil Bot: I'll go and find it. Geo: Well done Jade. Jade: Back in the sea, I was a professinal footballer. No matter which team I'm on, we always won. Bot: Milli, Geo, Jade! (Sees the the other team playing football and goes to them) Well I never. Playing football without your friend Bot? Milli: We were playing football with you just. Bot: Really, I don't remember that. Milli: Your memory's probably erased. Evil Bot: Guys, I found the... (sees Bot) Bot: (gasps) Evil Bot: Gasp. Milli, Geo and Jade: What the... ? Jade: (Walks to them) Two Bots? Oh my! (runs around panicking) Which one is Bot?! Which one is Bot?! WHICH ONE IS BOT (faints) Milli: Jade, calm down. The first bot is not and is mine. Jade: (Stands back up still dizzy) Maybe drinking this will calm me down. (pulls out some milk and drinks it) Ahh! You know what, I feel much calmer. Now, two Bots? Milli: Alright, stand aside. Only one of you is the real Bot. Bot: I'm Bot. Evil Bot: No, I am Bot. Milli: (Checks them from head to toe) Yeah, I can't figure out which one is which. Geo: There's one to solve this. (whispers into Milli's ear) And... (continues whispering in Milli's ear) Milli: *Quietly* OK. Right you two. I'm gonna have you two do some stuff and ask questions. Whoever gets them right, is the real Bot. And whoever dosn't get them... Well, I don't .know what's gonna happen. (Both Bots have worried expresions) ONE, Two,
  • (Twice upon) 
  • Geo: Bot?

The Figuring Out BeginsEdit

  • (Both Bots are streching their arms to reach apples)
  • Geo: They both have Extendo Arms. (They stretch their legs to reach the tree branch) And Extendo Legs.
  • (Bots are tap dancing in the living room)
  • Jade: They both have an experience in tap-dancing.
  • (Both Bots are juggling 5 balls but drop them)
  • Milli: They both cannot juggle.
  • (In the park)
  • Milli: OK, who does Bot like his cheeseburger?
  • Evil Bot: No mayo, no pickles and extra bbq sauce.
  • Milli: Correct. What is Bot's favourite colour?
  • Bot: Easy, Teal.
  • Jade: I don't know about this Geo.
  • Geo: Don't worry, Jade. 
  • Milli: Bot's high score in Mutant Aliens On Mercury?
  • Bot: 175.
  • Milli: What handiness is Bot?
  • Evil Bot: Right-handed.
  • Milli: 2-2. Final question. And the real, real, REAL Bot should know this. It's based on maths. What is 83 + 122 - 16 divided by 432?
  • (Both Bots are sweating and thinking)
  • Evil Bot: 203.827281982!
  • Milli: That... is correct! You're Bot! (Evil Bot walks to the others)
  • Jade: Good to have you back Bot.
  • Evil Bot: *In his real deep voice* Thanks.
  • Bot: Well, I guess I'll never see my own team again. (Bot sniffles and is about to cry)

The Real Truth is RevealedEdit

  • Jade: Hold on a minute. Is this really Bot? Does Bot have a really deep voice?
  • Milli and Geo: No!
  • Jade: (Sees a red button on his back) Does Bot have a big red button on his back which reads (It reads "Self-Destruct") Salfe Dastruck?
  • Geo: *Giggling* Jade that says "Self-Destruct". And no he dosn't.
  • Jade: And bright red beaming eyes?
  • Milli and Geo: No.
  • Jade: Is this Bot? No, this is a fake.
  • Evil Bot: What?!
  • Bot: I knew it!
  • Milli: Bot you're back!
  • Bot: Guys! (hugs the others)
  • All: Aww!
  • Jade: Welcome back, Bot.
  • Milli: But if you are actually Bot...
  • Jade: ...then, who's that?!
  • Evil Bot: I am Evil Bot. I was created by the Troublemakers to destroy you.
  • Jade: Oh yeah.
  • Evil Bot: What are you doing?
  • Jade: Something we should have done earlier.
  • Evil Bot: Oh no.
  • Jade: (Pulls a banana and eats it) I needed a banana to satisfy my hunger. And now, to do the most despicable thing I've ever done. And you won't like it. (Presses Evil Bot's "Self-Destruct" button)
  • Evil Bot: Right. HELP!!!! (Runs off in the distance)
  • (A small explosion is seen in the distance)
  • (Team Umizoomi all laugh)
  • Jade: We did it! We saved Bot!
  • Geo: Thanks, Umi-Friend. We knew we could count on you. You're such a good friend to all of us.
  • Milli (voiced by Sophia Fox): Umi-Friend, we make a great team. With our Mighty Math powers, we can do anything.
  • Bot: I feel a-- *Jade hugs him* OH! Jade, enough with the hugs!
  • (A disco ball appears over Bot’s head) (They do the Crazy Shake)
  • {The End}


  • It's revealed that Bot can't juggle, his favourite colour is teal and he is right-handed.
  • When Milli says her last line in this episode, she was voiced by Sophia Fox instead of Madeleine Rose Yen.

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