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Milli and Geo are part of the Umi City Scout Troop: The Umi Scouts, which is the only scout troop in the world with both girls and boys in it. Today, the scouts are going on a hike in the forest and hopefully earn some Umi Merit Badges. Milli and Geo realize that if they want to earn new Umi Merit Badges, they can't use their Mighty Math Powers because it's unfair for the other Umi Scouts. Can they refrain from using their powers and earn badges?


  • Umi Scouts
    • Scout Leader Amelia
    • Milli
    • Geo
    • Anna
    • Casey
    • Dylan
    • --


  • The Forest


Math SkillsEdit

World SkillsEdit

  • Scout Troops

Super SkillsEdit

  • Being Fair


  • Bot doesn't appear in this episode.

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