Bot: Come on, guys, let's get going!

Milli: Yippee! (she walks with Bot)

Geo: Wait for me! (puts his tennis shoes on)

Bot: Since when do you were tennis shoes, Geo?

Geo: Ever since today. (ties them, then walks with Milli and Bot)

Bot: I heard on my radio. It said it might rain.

Geo: Rain, stain. It's not going to rain.

Milli: Oh, OK. (swings on the swingset) Whee! (hears a loud thunderclap)

Geo: *Gasps* Was that thunder?

Bot: Yes, it was, Geo.

Geo: Oh no, it's scary! Hold me, Bot! I'm too scared!

Bot: Calm down, Geo.

Geo: Oh, sorry.

Bot: It's okay.

Milli: Well, if it's thundering outside, we must get home at once.

Bot: Yeah, we must. (turns to the screen) Come on, Umi-Friend.

Geo it's really scary hold me Milli

Milli Geo calm down it's okay! Do not worry

At the HQ

Geo how long will it be until the thunderstorm goes away

Bot I do not know Geo

Geo okay Bot

Bot I can go check on the weather

Milli yes please do it Bot

Bot I checked it and it will stop in a hour

Milli okay

Geo got it thanks! Bot

Bot you're welcome Geo

The End! Signed  Gobyisbestguppy 


Geo =)

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