The Trouble Lair is hidden in a tall geomectric statue in Umi Acres Park. As opposed to Fountain Headquarters, which is symmetrical, balanced, and humble, the statue is mostly assymmetrical, chaotic, and pompous, further emphasizing the TroubleMakers' love for troublemaking. Little Trouble has made a back-up lair just in case this one was destroyed, or in case they have outgrown this lair.



  • Big Trouble: Lots of blue with hints of other cool colors. The room is usually a mess with clothes, trash, and comics everywhere. Big Trouble's room has a platform bed, a "relaxation nook" cluttered with video games and some art, and an equally cluttered desk with a laptop and some mobile devices. It also has a walk-in closet.
  • Little Trouble: Lots of orange with hints of warm colors. Unlike Big Trouble's room, this room is usually clean and organized. Little Trouble's room has a sleeping nook, a desk with a Personal Computer, a small table with chairs, and library/closet.

Kitchen/Dining RoomEdit

The kitchen and the dining room are combined. The walls are white with cream-colored floors.


This is where Trouble Truck lives. If Trouble Truck ever needs fixing, Big Trouble will usually be the one the fixes him.


Inside the labratory, the TroubleMakers create all sorts of different weapons and experiments. It's located next to the garage.