Jade gets a sore throat, so Milli and Geo venture to find a colony of bees who make the best honey in Umi City, so Jade can be cured.

Intro: Jade Gets a Sore ThroatEdit

  • (Milli and Geo are cleaning the kitchen when Milli sees the viewers and waves)
  • Milli: Hi. It's me, Milli. I'm a tiny superhero, and I've got super pattern power! (her dress transforms into a pattern of buttons) It's a pattern of buttons. (her dress changes to regular)This is Geo, my brother.
  • Geo: Hi! I'm so happy you're here.
  • Milli: We're cleaning up the kitchen and making it nice and sparkly. Do you ever clean up your house? Great! Well, I guess everything's all cleaned up. (She and Geo high-five)
  • (Jade comes into the kitchen coughing)
  • Jade: *Hoarse voice* Hello, Umi Friend. I'm Jade. *Coughs*
  • Milli and Geo: Jade! (both run up to her)
  • Milli: What's the matter?
  • Jade: *Clears throat* I just feel in pain. My throat hurts. *Coughs*
  • Geo: A sore throat?! That's terrible.
  • Jade: And the worst thing is I don't know why I started coughing. 
  • Milli: We must help Jade feel better. But how can we cure a sore throat?
  • Jade: I know just the thing - honey. Honey is the best thing to use for sore throats. But the shops are closed today, so you won't be able to buy any.
  • Geo: What do we do now?
  • Jade: I know some bees who make the sweetest, tastiest and most soothing honey in the city. They live in Umi Park.
  • Milli: Do the bees sting?
  • Jade: Yes so in order to get the honey you'll need a bee smoker and a jar.


  • It is known that Bot doesn't appear in this episode.

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