Bot catches hiccups, then suddenly Milli gets them too, so Jade and Geo journey to find ingredients to make the perfect cure for them.

Intro: Bot and Milli Catch HiccupsEdit

  • (Bot is seen with a hotdog, a bologna sandwich and a slice of pizza) (He sees the screen and waves)
  • Bot: Hello there. I'm Bot. And welcome to our Fountain Headquarters. This where we live. It's lunch time and I'm so hungry. I have a hot dog... (eats the hot dog) ...a bologna sandwich... (eats the sandwich) ...Mmm. And a slice of pizza. (eats the pizza) Ahh, it was... Hic! ...delicious. Huh, that's odd. Hic! Hic! Hic! Oh no, I've got the... Hic! I've got... Hic! I've got the hiccups!!!
  • Milli: (Comes into the kitchen with some Pattern Sandwiches) Hi! I have my Pattern Sandwiches for lunch today. 
  • Bot: Hic! Hello... Hic! ...Milli.
  • Milli: Bot, have you got hiccups? (eats a sandwich)
  • Bot: Yes, I ha... Hic! ...have.
  • Milli: Oh. (eats the rest of her sandwiches) Mmm, my Pattern Sandwiches are... Hic! Oh no. Now I hav... Hic! ...hiccups too.
  • Bot: We both... Hic!
  • Milli and Bot: Geo! Jade! Hic! Hic!
  • HICCUP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jade: (walks into the kitchen with her eyes shut) (grabs some coffee and drinks it) Ahh!
  • Milli: Are you OK drin... Hic! ...drinking coffee, Jade? Hic!
  • Jade: So, I'm 25. What are you two doing making those funny noises?
  • Geo: NOO!!!!!
  • Bot: What noises? Hic!
  • Jade: Those ones!
  • Geo: What's happening?
  • Jade: Bot and Milli are making strange noises.
  • Geo: Hmm...
  • Milli: Hic!
  • Bot: Hic!
  • Geo: Milli and Bot have got the hiccups.
  • Jade: Hiccups? What are hiccups?
  • Geo: It's when you either eat or drink something too adn the glottis suddenly closes, which gets you hiccups.
  • Jade: SHUT UP?!
  • Milli: FOR WHAT?!?! FUCKING BITCH! Tell us how the hiccup or sick things happens go on the away!
  • Jade: You're.... So... Stupid...
  • Jade: Oh, man! I hope I don't have hiccups! (pants and runs raound in circles until Geo puts a doughnut by a her nose) *Sniffs* Is that a doughnut?

More coming soon...


  • This episode reveals Jade is 25 years old. So either she or Bot is the oldest member of Team Umizoomi though it's likely she is.

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