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One day the team was saving people when the troblemakers zapiyme and took someone. The team got there car thing and drove after them. The troblemakes zapiy got a gun and shot bot in the chest and blood started squerting out all over milli. It filled up her mouth and she chocked on an organ and fell dead on Umi Car's stering wheel. Geo drove but blood was still spraying out of bot and he was starting to explode. He blew up Umicar and Geo's decapitated head flew over the the control pannel of the troblemaker's zapiyship. the ship blew up and they die. All the kids waching this happend cheered becase they secretly hated the taem. They all went and spit and pooped on there corpses. A party among the entire world started. At the et there was a huge line of people spitting on the corpses before they were thrown into a firery valcano.

The End

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