Rebecca V2
Rebecca is known as a Dark Fairy and the main antagonist from A Flying Fairy Adventure.


Rebecca is a Dark Fairy, which are evil fairies. She is really power-hungry and tried to steal the magic Fairy Jewels of Fairy Dust and use their powers to take over the land. However, she had an accident and lost the two Fairy Jewels, which both eventually ended up with Milli and Geo. When Rebecca found out, she pretended to be nice to trick them into giving her the jewels, until she was foiled by Daisy Patches the Garden Fairy.

While the team goes with Daisy Patches to return the Fairy Jewels to Fairy Dust, Rebecca does many attempts to capture Milli and Geo, so she can use a spell to remove the gems. (the spell however, will cause a lot of pain for both Milli and Geo)

Will our favorite tiny heroes stop Rebecca and find a way to remove the Fairy Jewels?


Rebecca is very power-hungry and gets really upset when she doesn't get what she wants as fast as she wants. But she's not a bad actress for she can even use her deception to even trick a dog to throw away a bone. She always speaks in rhyme and has a New-York accent for some reason.

Also, Daisy Patches sometimes messes with her by calling her "Becky", which really gets her angry.


Rebecca has black hair tied into two short pigtails and has red streaks on the bottom of her pigtails. She has reddish-brownish eyes with a look of burning fire in them. She wears a red and mostly black dress with two big black bows on the sides and two small bows on the sleeves.

Her wings look like feathers, black with red edges. (This fairy really likes red and black doesn't she)