Milli and her Best Friend Peach and Their Friends are invited to a royal ball where everyone dresses up like princes and princesses. Mario and Geo makes a butterfly tiara ​for Milli, but it ends up in the hands of Bowser and the Troublemakers zapiy with Wario and Waluigi want to sell it at a jewelry auction. Can Team Umizoomi And The Paw Patrol and Super Mario Bros and Princess Peach and Yoshi With Luigi and Bot and Sprixie Princesses The people of the sky get Milli's butterfly crown back and in time for the ball Milli and also her sisters sprixies Gaia Kalianta Stilla Wateryl Magika Rockanne Crystal is Dancing to Space Dancing along with Capitan Toad Ryder Marshall Zuma Rubble Chase Rocky Skye and Toadette With Their friends Yuri Matt and Lili


Milli's Rainbow Princess Dress and Her Rainbow Butterfly Wings is an altered version of her Numberland Royal Court Dress

Main Article: Princess Mill/Trancript

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