Millie feels weird

It is the end of Field Day. The team is entering the HQ and Millie starts shivering. Bot felt her forehead and it was a little warm so he sent her to bed. But later that night Millie was coughing intensely. Bot and Geo came in but they found her laying on the ground unconscious. Geo felt her forehead and it was too hot. Bot took her temperature and it was 112.9! They needed to get her back into bed. Bot's Robot-Computer said Millie had a deathly illness.

The search for The Cure Edit

There was a special plant in Umi City Forest that can cure her but there's a catch: They had to cure her before the sun sets in the next two weeks. Bot informed their friends of Millie's condition the next morning. Vanessa volunteered to stay at the HQ and take care of Millie. Meanwhile in the forest everyone was searching for Millie's medicine when Vanessa called and told everyone that Millie's fever has risen to 119.9! "Now we really need to find that medicine for Millie!" And everyone went back to the search

Millie's condition gets worse Edit

"Millie has been getting weaker and paler by the minute! Her oxygen levels are low so I hooked her up to this breathing machine. *yawns* I'm really sleepy but I have to keep her steady until you get back." Millie is really getting worse. She vomited blood and pinkish water.

Curing Millie Edit

It's been 1 week and week 2 is at its last sunset. The group is seen rushing into HQ. Mike,Abby, and Ava rushed to Millie's room while Bot and Geo rushed to the kitchen to get the elixir ready. Bot rushed to Millie and sat up his dying friend and made her drink the cure.