Meralore is an underwater kingdom where merfolk and sea creatures live in harmony.


Meralore is an ancient kingdom found by The First Mermaid. About 1102 A.D. , Meralore was threatened by The Abyssmal Darkness. One of the direct descedents of The First Mermaid had the ability to create pearls. With this ability, she created a pearl to ward away The Abyssmal Darkness.

The Abyssmal Darkness did not rise again until 2011 A.D.


The Royal FamilyEdit

  • Queen Merina
  • The Children of the Oceans
    • Prince Neptune
    • Princess Atla
    • Prince Faruz
    • Princess Lucia
    • Prince Ronan
    • Princess Aqua


Sea AnimalsEdit

  • Ray the Spiny Dogfish Shark


  • The Children of the Oceans, with the exception of seven-year-old Aqua, have only lived in Meralore up until thier coming of age (which is 18).

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