Lost (Lyrics) Edit

This is a song from an episode where the troublemakers capture Geo, and Bot and Milli have to save him.

Lyrics: Edit

(Geo is sitting in a prison-like cell)

Geo: There was a time, not so long ago. A time that I was free. Now look at me, trapped. Nowhere to go, no place to call home. I thought I was strong, but I was wrong. And now I'm lost.

(The screen fades, and we see Milli, sitting on the edge of the fountain.)

Milli: There was a time, not so long ago, you were right by my side. We may of had are fights, but we loved each other anyways. I took the time we had for granted, and now your gone. And now I'm lost.

(We fade back to Geo)

Geo: I want to see the sunlight, and I want you to be with me, by my side. I wanted to run, but now all I want is to be home, to see your face, smiling at me. But now I'm lost.

(We see Milli again)

Milli: I should of never took the time for granted. I shouldn't of let myself get so mad at you. I want you by my side, because I love you...

(The screen fades between Milli and Geo, sometimes showing both.)

Geo: I want to see the sunlight!

MIlli: the sunlight!

Geo: And I want you to be with me, by my side!

Milli: By myyyy side!

Geo: I wanted to run! But now all I want is to be home

Milli: I want you home!

Geo: To see your face, smiling at me!

Milli: To see your face!

Geo: But now I'm lost...

Milli: Now I'm lost....

Both: Now I'm.... Loooooooooost......

(We just see Milli sitting at the fountain)

Milli: (whispering) Geo... I... I just... Want you home.

(Begins to cry)

Note: Edit

This is my first written song. If you want to see me make a story out of this, let me know! Thanks for reading this!

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