Kai is a mermaid and one of the main protagonists of The Kingdom of Meralore.


Kai is calm, collected, and smart, but sometimes she gets worked up and easily gets startled. She is a bit of an introvert. That doen't stop her from being social and friendly, even if it just consists of "knowledge talk". She likes to work hard and learn as much as possible. 

Kai works in the Seaweed Fields along with Coral and Finnius.


Kai has an Asain appearance. Her skin is light fair. She appears skinnier than Coral or Finnius. Her hair is navy blue with a single turquoise streak, and her eyes are blue. Kai wears a Pearl Mystic Turquiose top, which consists of translucent short sleeves and scoop collar, and a solid tube top attached together. Her tail is turquoise as well.

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