Species Subway
Age 5
Gender Female
Family Mr. Metro (Father)
Friends/Allies Neal, Billy, Eric, Skye the plane (Boyfriend)
Enemies/Rivals Bird villains
Abilities creating rails
Occupation Driving, singer (As a toy)
First Appearance Save the subway

Julie is only a girl in the Wonder cles. She is Linny's vehicle made by Linny.

Julie has releatives too.

Julie is the daughter of Mr. Metro (Driver) and she does not have a mother.

She is also the leader of the Wonder cles. She keeps Eric and Neal in the line, just like Linny does to Ming-Ming.

She is the line 2 and beyond line 1~4, she is the second and only girl of the siblings.

Julie looks beautiful, but don't let her beauty fool you.

She is most honest in the Wonder cles and she is the member that never tell lies in any episodes.

When Eric and Billy sometimes tell lies, they are embaraced when she shows her honesty.

Also she is a brave daughter to help anything to save her father.

She even teached cowardly Eric the bus to facing his fears.

Julie is the five-year-old character, just like Linny.


  • She is the oldest member and the only female of the fellow vehicle friends.
  • She is the bravest and strongest of the trio, even she is a female.

Physical apperanceEdit

Julie looks simillar to the subway line 2. She has a bow on her head and has a beak like the robin.

She doesn't have teeth, but likes drinking patrol.

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