Milli and Bot have gone away on a mission and Geo and Jade are by themselves at home and decided to have a crazy day.

Intro: Geo's AwaitEdit

  • (Geo walks from his room when he sees Umi Friend and waves)
  • More coming soon... If you have any good ideas, put it down right here. Feel free too.


  • This marks the only episode to date in which the Umi Alarm is not heard at all.
  • The title shares its title with a film called Home Alone and a PAW Patrol episode titled Pups Leave Marshall Home Alone. Let's hope the villans Marv and Harry are in this episode or not.
  • The off-screen children saying "Right there!" is a actually resemblance to Blue's Clues and Super Why episodes. This recording of children saying "Right There!" was taken from the Tic-Tac-Toe scene in the Blue's Clues episode "What Game Does Blue Want To Learn".
  • Note that this is the first and only episode of Team Umizoomi where you hear off-screen children speaking. Although you first hear a Blue's Clues recording of them saying "Right There!", the rest of the episode has different children speaking.

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