One day in the umi secret hideout Geo was eating shaped foods. When Milli and Bot came in and Bot’s belly screen beeped and a little girl appeared on da screen and she said she drooped a bed into a manhole. Mili seid “Well u know wat?, No 1 cares.” The girl started to cry and Bot turned on his belly screen. They just went back 2 what they were doing. Geo saw that Bot was in the kitchen so he decided 2 go into his room. Geo saw a picture of Bot posing and he started 2 get sweaty just looking at it. Bot walked in and he sew Geo. “N****, S***, F***, B****, D***, WHAT DA HELL R U DOIN IN HERE U MASTERBAITING SON OF A B****!!?!?!?!?!!?!??”. Geo went 2 bot and made out with him, tongues and everything. Bot was all like “U LITTLE SLUT, WDF ARE U DOIN U FAGGOT!?!?!?!!?!” Geo seid “well Bot, I love u” “Ha Faggot” seid Bot Geo went 2 his room crying. Mili came in and asked what was wrong. “Bot is mean” geo seid crying. Bot came in and seid “No, Geo is just a little faggot b****” Geo started 2 cry some more. Mili seid “Yeah he kinda is” and she shot Geo in the crotch and he died. Yay

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