Finnius, A.K.A Finn, is a mermaid and one of the main protagonists of The Kingdom of Meralore.


Finnius has the brains of "a shark who stepped on sea urchin" as Kai would describe it. It's not surprising when you consider that Finn is part shark. He is outgoing, funny, and a bit of a klutz. He can relax to the point of forgetting his surroundings and his duties, which can get him in trouble at times. Even so, he is willing to help and is always loyal to his friends whenever a problem arrises.

Finn works in the seaweed fields along with Coral and Kai.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Finnius has an athletic build. He has olive hair and brown eyes. His tail is dark olive green. He wears a sleeveless olivine shirt. Like Coral, he has fair skin that has been tanned.

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