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Sleeping MilliEdit

Original Version:

Little Miss Cute's Version: At night, Team Umizoomi and UmiCar are sleeping. Everything is silent, until a sound is made. Only Milli hears and wakes up to this mysterious sound. The Troublemakers have invaded the Fountain Headquarters! Milli makes sure that they leave Fountain HQ immediately. She silently follows the TroubleMakers until Little Trouble turns around. Milli tries to attack the TroubleMakers, but before she can do so, she is sprayed with a mysterious spray that puts her to sleep. The TroubleMakers then kidnap her and take her to a haunted castle. Bot wakes up a few seconds later when the Umi Alarm turns off. He wakes up Geo to tell him tell someone's in trouble. Then they go to wake up Milli, but she's not in her bedroom. Geo and Bot realize something bad must have happened to her and check Bot's belly screen on her location. Milli's asleep...with the TroubleMakers!


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