Coral is a mermaid and one of the main protagonists of The Kingdom of Meralore


Coral is extroverted, loud, and somewhat lazy, but while she lacks skills in controlling those fields, she makes up for it by being brave, strong, and focused on what needs to be done.

Coral works in the seaweed fields along with Kai and Finnius. On her time off, she enjoys hanging out at the Coral Park and staying at home using the computer,talking on her phone, and playing games (whether it's video games, boards, cards, or anything she can thing of). She also has a Spiny Dogfish Shark by the name of Ray as a pet.


Coral has, as her name states, coral hair and a tail. The hair is held up in a short ponytail. Her skin is caucasian but has been tanned. She wears a pink coral short-sleeved crop top and a light pink necklace with a hibiscus flower. Her eyes are hazel.

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