Bot okay okay no need to rush I will sign one photo at a time

Famous person Bot tell us how did you get famous?

Bot that's a secret oh I need to go now bye guys get's into his limo

Milli wow Bot I didn't know that you were that famous

Bot yes! I am that famous! Now go drive us to the store and get us a drink!

Milli yes sir Bot

Bot Thank you!

Milli your welcome Bot

Bot okay! 

At the store

Bot so Geo what drink would you like?

Geo a Dr. Pepper how about you Bot?

Bot a Dr, Pepper too.

Milli two Dr. Peppers! Thanks!

Store clerk you're welcome Milli

At home

Milli Bot I am back

Geo Thank you! I will take them go do my room

Milli yes sir Geo

Gobyisbestguppy has wrote this story! I will edit it later! Bye!

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